Ambitious Indie RPG Daath Origins To Hit Steam Early Access On September 15th

We’re a bit behind on this news, but it fell under our radar until the press release was sent out earlier today. Black Lodge Games announced a few weeks back that its “space opera” Daath Origins was set to hit Steam Early Access on September 15th. The game is an extremely ambitious open-world RPG boasting “500 handcrafted planets” that are split between 36 sectors, more than 75 quests, and “seemingly infinite strange encounters with spatial anomalies.” Players take on the role of the captain of a starship filled with more than a million people who have “escaped [Earth] to forge a path of their own among the stars.” They are free to explore this world at their own pace, but, along the way, they must take care of the crew of their ship, promoting crew members, forming Away Teams that can be sent on missions, and more, as well as make tough decisions regarding their fate. Combat is turn-based, but features a few unique twists.

The initial Early Access release will be fairly feature complete, but may have some stability issues. The exact amount of time that the game spends in Early Access will be dependent upon how long it takes to fix bugs, implement various features that are suggested by the community, and port the game from RPG Maker XP to MKXP.

Sole developer Jeff Quindlen had the following to say about the announcement.

“‘However this is a huge open-world RPG, created by one person, and beta tested with only a limited number of users. There are stability and ease-of-life issues that I need players’ help and feedback to properly solve. I am open to feedback during Early Access, which may resulting in adding, tweaking, or otherwise altering features or gameplay.  It would be irresponsible to release this game in this state without a fully implemented beta period, and so Early Access seems like the perfect way to allow players to experience the content early, while allowing me to collect the necessary feedback I need to refine the release candidate.”

Daath Origins is set to launch on Steam Early Access on September 15th for $9.99.

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