Albion Online Gets A Browser-Based Character Builder

It’s not always easy to create an optimal, or even functional, build in a classless system such as the one seen in Albion Online. Many often resort to using third-party skill build simulators and such to ensure that they don’t put skill points into the wrong places. Perhaps realizing this, Sandbox Interactive has launched its own first-party, browser-based Character Builder for Albion Online.

Albion Online’s Character Builder is actually fairly robust. Players can create builds including weapons, armor, food, and potions, and share them with the community. Builds are divided into Solo and Group builds, allowing players to easily sort between the type of builds they need. Once posted, other players can vote on these builds, with more highly rated builds appearing closer to the top of the list.

The Character Builder also has a section for “Articles,” which players can use to write “guides and descriptions for all sorts of contingencies in the world.” Examples of what you might find here include “the best advice on building an efficient farm” or a beginner’s guide.

Those who are interested in checking out the Character Builder can find it here.

Matt Chelen

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