AeternoBlade Headed To PC In Q3 2017, AeternoBlade II On IndieGoGo

AeternoBlade is largely regarded as a game that came out of nowhere. The Metroidvania from Thailand-based Corecell Technology was originally released on 3DS on February 18, 2014 following a largely unsuccessful IndieGoGo campaign. It then later received PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita ports.

Now, AeternoBlade has shown up on Greenlight, with a PC release planned for Q3 2017. For those that don’t know, the game follows a character named Freyja as she aims to use a weapon called the “AeternoBlade” to take revenge on Beladim, the Lord of the Mist, who is responsible for the destruction of her village and the deaths of her people. In addition to traditional Castlevania-esque combat and puzzles, the game features elements of time manipulation.

Should you want to see the game on Steam, be sure to go give it a Yes vote.

AeternoBlade’s Greenlight debut is accompanied by an IndieGoGo campaign for its sequel, AeternoBlade II. The IndieGoGo actually began a week ago, but I had missed it when it first went live. We’ve known for some time now that Corecell was working on a sequel to AeternoBlade and that it would be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and as was most recently announced, Nintendo Switch. It will introduce a new type of AeternoBlade and a new storyline that begins with Freyja living a more peaceful life, serving as a guard for her village.

Corecell is looking to raise $30,000 for the development of AeternoBlade II, of which they have raised a mere $1566 in the first week. At this time, it’s not looking as if they will reach their goal.

Should you want to pledge to the campaign, which has 23 days left as of this writing, you can get a copy of the first AeternoBlade on Steam for only $10. Pledging $20 will net you both the first and second games on Steam with a few extras. At $25, you get Beta access on either Steam or PS4, as well as your choice of any digital version of AeternoBlade and your choice of one copy of AeternoBlade II on Steam, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox One.

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