600-Hour cRPG Grimoire To Be Released On July 7th

Following a short snafu involving Valve’s financial verification process that took much longer than expected, Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar is now set to be released on July 7th. The announcement was made earlier today by developer Cleve Blakemore in the comments section of the game’s Greenlight page.

The official statement is as follows.

“I spent two days preparing the Store page wondering why certain options weren’t available to me on my interface. I read all the documentation painstakingly, at least 400 pages of it, before I realized I was supposed to have a default package assigned to me in my storefront. Valve quickly remedied the situation and fixed me up. I have the checklist completed and just have one final issue for them to resolve in order to review my game and page so I can go live with the store front facing page. The release date for Grimoire is 7-7-2017 and I have been working very hard to finish every single last detail. As an example, custom contents for the 30 odd vending machines in the game. 99% of games that go live on Steam don’t even worry about the things I do. I will continue tweaking and updating the game with additional polish after it goes live for many months but the initial version should look to the average eye to be the most amazing RPG ever released in the history of computer games.”

Additionally, Blakemore noted in a follow-up comment that, despite being one of the largest cRPGs ever made, he intends to add more content to the game after its initial release. The relevant part of that comment is as follows.

“Grimoire is a handcrafted product which I foresaw as requiring whatever time was needed to make it as I envisioned. This is a slow process with one person working on it. I decided start of this year it was ready. That doesn’t mean I won’t add new features even after it is released. I will.”

Given that the game’s Steam store page has been completed and that Valve is currently reviewing it, said page should be up sometime in the near future.

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