The 25th Ward: The Silver Case To Launch In The West In 2018

Back in May, we reported that the Japan-exclusive episodic mobile sequel to The Silver Case, The Silver Case: Ward 25, was being remade as The 25th Ward: The Silver Case. At the time, a Western release had yet to be confirmed, but NIS America announced today that it will be bringing both PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the game to the West in 2018, marking the first time that it will have been released outside of Japan.

The 25th Ward takes place five years after The Silver Case. The story begins with the discovery of the body of a woman who had been “murdered under mysterious circumstances.” What follows is a “series of seemingly random events” that begins to form a pattern as players take on the role of multiple protagonists, including Tokio Morishima, the protagonist from The Silver Case.

The 25th Ward will feature “completely rebuilt HD assets” that improve upon those of the original game. It will also include “additional content” that was not available in the original game.

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case is set to be released on PC and PlayStation 4 in the West sometime in 2018.

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