Ethics Policy

We endeavor to report the facts as they are. In pursuit of this goal, we promise that…

  • We will never spin a story to match an agenda.
  • In the event that a company or individual is acting in a manner that we disagree with, we may express disagreement with their actions, but we will not directly attack them.
  • We will never direct our users to attack or harass any company or individual.

We don’t intend on ever having ads on our site or videos, but there may come a time when it is required. In the event that we do, we will never…

  • Spin a story to suit our advertiser(s).
  • Cover a product for the sole reason that it is a product that is made or represented by our advertiser(s).
  • Give a recommendation to a product on the basis that it is a product that is made or represented by our advertiser(s).

In the event that we should have sponsors, we will always…

  • Disclose when content is made at the request of our sponsor(s).
  • Recuse ourselves from creating scored reviews of any product that is made or represented by our sponsor(s).

Review Policy

While we would like to get around to covering all of the games we are sent, we simply cannot, as there are too many games out there. As such, receipt of a press copy of any kind does not guarantee coverage. We do, however, promise that…

  • We will make our best effort to provide coverage of any game that we are sent a press copy of.
  • In our attempts to provide coverage of any game that we are sent a press copy of, if you send us a press copy, at least one member of our team will play your game for a nominal amount of time and decide whether to proceed further.

Our review process works as follows.

  • When we receive a press copy of a game, it is immediately redeemed on a shared Steam account that our team uses and listed on the unassigned reviews list on our Trello board.
  • One or more members of our team will then play the game for upwards of an hour, which is half of the amount of playtime allowed by Steam’s refund policy. If they decide that they want to claim the review of that game, they can do so by moving the game to their respective list on the Trello board.
  • The member of our team that chooses to review the game will then make their best effort to review it.

Please note that, due to the amount of games that are released on a weekly basis these days, even the claiming of a review is not an absolute guarantee that the review will happen. We reserve the right to reprioritize reviews at any point in time based on the press copies that are made available to us.

It should also be noted that, for the foreseeable future, the reviews that we do publish will be based almost entirely on which games we receive review copies of. At this point in time, we are a small outlet with very little funding. As such, it is unlikely that we will be able to afford to obtain our own copies of games regularly.

If you have any questions about our Ethics or Review Policies, please direct them to Matt by emailing him at the following address: matt -at- twocredits -dot- co.