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Tasty B(eat) em up ‘Pork Knight’ – Indie Lounge

The Indie Lounge is a special short-form column on Two Credits intended to seek out and highlight interesting indie titles without requiring a full-on review to be put together. There are simply far too many games being released these days to provide full coverage to every title, and the hope is that the creation of The Indie Lounge will allow us to cover a large segment of games that we otherwise would not be able to. 

Ever wanted to devour those that openly oppose you? Hopefully not, unless you’re some kind of mythical monster like Cthulhu, in which case I’m not quite sure how you’ve ended up reading this article. In any case, Pork Knight is a simplistic (and kinda cute) sidescrolling b(eat)-em-up made for Ludum Dare 35 in which you’re trying to escort the king to the end of the road (don’t ask me why) which happens to be covered in barricades and infested with monsters.

Now I’m not exactly an expert on knighthood, but last I checked a knight’s duties typically don’t involve devouring the enemies he slays in battle, especially if those enemies happen to be of the goblin variety. Is goblin meat even any good for you? I guess it’s probably lean? In any case, the Pork Knight draws his power from the “tasty” sustenance his slain enemies provide for him. 

In order to beat the game, you must clear the road of barricades and enemies in what is probably the only non-annoying escort mission I have ever played. It’s not particularly difficult, and there’s only one enemy type right now, but the novelty of the Pork Knight and the rather humorous presentation coupled with the bite-sized length of the thing make for a pretty accessible and enjoyable experience. Heck, the ideas on display here are neat enough that it probably has potential as a fully-fledged game, if the developers wanted to pursue that route.

The only minor annoyance I experienced was that when you walk over a piece of food (eating it) the game locks you in place. That’s all well and good, and I understand the dude is just savoring a tasty drumstick, but for GOODNESS SAKE THE KING IS DYING TO GOBLINS RIGHT NOW LET ME GO SAVE HIM. 

I’d highly recommend checking Pork Knight out if you have a few minutes and want to play a game on the sillier side of things. Kick back, relax, defend the king, and grill some goblin striploin steaks. What’s not to like?

Taylor Whaley

Taylor is an avid enjoyer of the indie gaming scene and the games industry. He got his start in video games journalism back in 2012 when he started writing for a small online publication. Since then he has written for several others and now contributes to Two Credits. Often accused of being addicted to coffee.

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