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RE:Port: Castle of Shikigami

RE:Port is a new series of columns in which I will discuss the quality of newly-released ports, giving thoughts on the game itself in the process. I am starting this series out with Degica’s new PC port of Castle of Shikigami. Castle of Shikigami is a bullet hell shmup, created by Alfa System, that was […]

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Interview With Uncasual Games, Developer Of Ancient Cities

Interviewer’s note: The answers provided have been edited for clarity. Ancient Cities is an upcoming city builder created by Uncasual Games. Players begin the game by building a Neolithic-era village, discovering more technology, interacting with other cities through systems of diplomacy and trade, defending against raids and natural disasters, and more. It boasts several deep […]


Dead Space 3 Is Vastly Underrated

I want to preface this article by saying that, while I have yet to play Dead Space 2, I did play the original Dead Space shortly after its original launch with the lights off and the curtains drawn for maximum effect. I’m aware of what fans liked about the series and why they may not […]