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Superspeed Time-trial racer HyperFast – Indie Lounge

The Indie Lounge is a special short-form column on Two Credits intended to seek out and highlight interesting indie titles without requiring a full-on review to be put together. There are simply far too many games being released these days to provide full coverage to every title, and the hope is that the creation of The Indie Lounge will allow us to cover a large segment of games that we otherwise would not be able to. 

HyperFast is a superspeed time-trial arcade racing game wherein you compete against yourself to try and set the best possible lap time and unlock the next level. I’ve always been a big fan of racing games, especially with regards to anything that even remotely resembles F-Zero. As soon as I saw this game while browsing Itch I knew I had to give it a look.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about whipping through a racetrack at breakneck speeds- some kind of adrenaline that games of other genres just don’t offer. The vehicle in HyperFast accelerates super quickly (ahem, hence the name) and has a top speed that’s absolutely bonkers. Coupling that with the visual effects (especially the blur) makes for something that is almost a good racing game- but there’s something missing here… the sound effects.

It probably sounds super nitpicky to get this worked up over some sound effects, but I’m not exaggerating. The driving doesn’t feel nearly as satisfying as it should, due in no small part to the complete lack of sound effects for the vehicle that are in the game. Racing around a track without the hum of an engine or some kind of other noise to audibly indicate the acceleration and speed of the vehicle just doesn’t feel quite satisfying, and that’s a pretty big shame because the aesthetic and actual driving mechanics are pretty alright- aside from the annoying crash screen, that is.

The game technically has three modes: circuit, endless, and survival. I didn’t particularly enjoy any of them aside from the basic circuit mode, probably because I’m not really one to buckle down and go for a high-score lap time. The survival mode in particular was a bit of a let down; it would have been significantly better had it been some kind of endless track rather than simply tossing you onto the tutorial track for all eternity (it even still plays the tutorial messages!). 

However, if you’re able to look past the jarring lack of sound effects, annoying crash screen, and disappointing survival mode, HyperFast could definitely be worth a look. If you’re not so sure about things there’s also a free demo on offer that you can try which should give you a pretty good idea of how you feel about the game. 

Taylor Whaley

Taylor is an avid enjoyer of the indie gaming scene and the games industry. He got his start in video games journalism back in 2012 when he started writing for a small online publication. Since then he has written for several others and now contributes to Two Credits. Often accused of being addicted to coffee.

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  1. Hello, I’m the developer. I just published updates in response to this. (Increased engine volume, decreased crash time/threshold, removed tutorial messages). Also, you can play any level in any mode. Thanks again for playing – I appreciate the honest review!

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