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2-bite ‘platformvania’ Necrosphere – Indie Lounge

Necrosphere is a simplistic indie platformer with metroidvania elements. Unlike most other platformers, you only have two buttons at your disposal – you can either move left or right, and for the most part that’s about it. There is also a certain ballet suit that unlocks later on in the game which gives you the ability to perform a quick sideways dash, but for the most part you’re constrained to just basic left and right movement. Although in theory that probably sounds boring, I can assure you the game is anything but.

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends Live on Google Play and Apple Store

Bethesda’s scrolls-themed CCG The Elder Scrolls: Legends has gone live on the Google Play Store and the Apple iOS Store. The game features a full campaign mode, practice mode, and various versus modes. Interestingly, completing the game’s included campaign will jumpstart your deck collection, handing you five pre-constructed decks to help you get started, which can […]

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ArsLogica LP Threatens Steam Users with Legal Action Over Translation Criticism

UPDATE 7/28/2017 @ 4:42PM – PUBLISHER APOLOGY, TRANSLATOR DISMISSED ArsLogica LP has issued a public apology via the Steam Devoid of Shadows discussion forum. The statement is provided in full below. Hello, First of all, we apologize to all those who were offended by our reaction to the criticism of translations and the message of our translator. […]