XBLIG Marketplace Closes Up Shop Next Month

The end of an era approaches as the last month of Microsoft’s deprecated XBLIG marketplace winds down. In September of 2015 Microsoft announced that after nearly ten years of service the platform would be gradually closed down, with publishing disabled by September 9 of last year and full-on closure of the storefront sometime in September […]

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2-bite ‘platformvania’ Necrosphere – Indie Lounge

Necrosphere is a simplistic indie platformer with metroidvania elements. Unlike most other platformers, you only have two buttons at your disposal – you can either move left or right, and for the most part that’s about it. There is also a certain ballet suit that unlocks later on in the game which gives you the ability to perform a quick sideways dash, but for the most part you’re constrained to just basic left and right movement. Although in theory that probably sounds boring, I can assure you the game is anything but.