Raiden V: Director’s Cut To Launch In North America On October 5th

UFO Interactive announced today that Raiden V: Director’s Cut, the latest in the long-running series of shmups, is set to launch on PC and PlayStation 4 in North America on October 5th. The game is an upgraded version of the previously Xbox One-exclusive Raiden V, offering the same gameplay that the Raiden series is known […]


City Of Brass To Go Live On Steam Early Access On September 18th

Uppercut Games announced yesterday that its promising first-person roguelite City of Brass is set to go live on Steam Early Access on September 18th. The initial Early Access release will include a 12-level campaign, with each level featuring its own enemies, gear, relics, traps, and more. New content and features will be introduced over the […]


Deep Sky Derelicts Is A Comic Book-Like Roguelike

It’s not until you see a game that features a comic book-like art style that you realize just how few games feature comic book-like art styles. Snowhound Games’ Deep Sky Derelicts is one such game, created using a gritty comic book-like art style that looks great and makes the game stand out quite a bit. […]


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT To Be Released On January 30th

Square Enix announced today that its 3v3 brawler Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is set to be released in North America on January 30th, 2018. Several editions of the PlayStation 4-exclusive title will be available at launch, the details of which were made available alongside the announcement. The base edition of the game will be available […]


Hyper Universe To Enter Paid Early Access On August 24th

Hyper Universe is a game that I’m rather fond of. I put several dozen hours into the Korean version of the game, largely because its restricted aiming and movement, which resemble that of classic side-scrolling arcade games, is enough on its own to make the traditional MOBA formula feel fresh. There are different considerations when […]


Everspace Receives Hardcore Mode, Support For TrackIR And HOTAS

Everspace patch 1.1.0 went live today, bringing with it a number of additions and changes. The core of the patch is the new Hardcore Mode. This mode takes the challenge of the game’s Hard difficulty and adds a few twists. You start every session “with the same fixed set of pilot perks and without any […]


StellarHub Brings Starbase Management To Steam Today

Casualogic’s starbase management game StellarHub has officially launched. The game allows players to choose any of six different worlds, or have the game randomly generate a world, and try to manage a starbase within that world. Players will have to take care of their crew, as each person can suffer permadeath, and expand their starbase […]

Mobile News

Taichi Panda 3 Is Headed West, Pre-Registration Begins

Snail Games announced today that Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter is headed to the West by opening pre-registrations for the game. The latest entry in Snail’s series of mobile MMOs eschews the previous games’ action RPG format for a more traditional MMORPG format. Players can choose one of two factions, each of which has its […]


Absolver’s Online Features and Post-Release Update Plan Detailed

With its release quickly approaching, we’ve begun to hear quite a bit more about Sloclap’s online brawler Absolver. The latest details about the game were released alongside a new multiplayer trailer that went live earlier today. In Absolver, each player’s world will act as its own server of sorts, the game automatically introducing other players […]


Surreal Musical Adventure Beat The Game To Launch On September 7th

Worm Animation announced today that its surreal musical adventure Beat the Game is set to launch on September 7th. The game sees players take on the role of a music producer named Mistik, who has crashed in the desert and found himself in a strange world. He must uncover the secrets of this world by […]

Featured Videos

Interview with Alex Nae and Alex Nechita, Developers of The Underground King

The Underground King is a humorous upcoming racing management game created by Alex Nae and Alex Nechita. In it, you hire low-lives to compete in street races for you, driving rickety cars that include vans with boards over their windows and rickshaws. Races take place in a side-scrolling format; success relies heavily upon correctly timing […]

Adventure Featured PC PlayStation 4 Reviews Xbox One

Ken Follett’s The Pillars Of The Earth

Ken Follett’s The Pillars Of The Earth is the engrossing story of several ordinary characters and their lives during a conflict over the throne of England.

Nidhogg 2

Upcoming Games

  • We Need To Go Deeper

    We Need to Go Deeper is a cooperative online multiplayer roguelike set in an undersea world inspired by the writings ...

  • Strain

    Strain is a rogue-lite horror FPS from Tuque Games in which players take on the role of Patient Zero, host ...


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